The Manly Warringah Stamp Club

Meets at Manly-Warringah Rugby League Club Federal Parade, Brookvale

Minutes of the Meeting of 13 February 2018

    The President, John Higgs, welcomed the 18 members present.

    Laurent Villoing, Peter Lehmann, Antony Shen, Barry Reeves.

    Minutes of the 9 January 2018 meeting were accepted on a motion from Rod Sell and Gloria Bradley.

    The January PHILAS News and March PHILAS Auction Catalogue were received.

Treasurer’s Report
    $80 was received from the January and February Northside Stamp Fairs.

General Business
    Paul Kay asked how well the January club fair had done. Rod Sell and Gloria Bradley reported
that the attendance compared to an average Northside Stamp Fair; the auction had been satisfactory with over $1000.00 turnover.
    Darren Jones suggested the club start looking for a new meeting venue in the light of the proposed demolition of the League’s Club building. Rod Sell suggested waiting until after we had heard any news from the League’s Club AGM on 28 March.
    The Secretary, Graeme Morriss, gave his apology for the March meeting as he would be displaying at the Royal Sydney Philatelic Club’s meeting that night.
    John Pearson drew members’ attention to the Orange 1-frame exhibition and stamp fair on November 17 - 18.
    Ed Wolf reminded members of the PHILAS House Open Day on Saturday 17 February.
    The Secretary distributed the club’s 2018 Syllabus and a few copies of the Northern Suburbs club syllabus.

Items of Interest
    Judith Jarolimek showed stamps picturing Canadian dog-shaped letter boxes.
    Rod showed Stamp-&-Coin covers featuring the racehorse Winx, Holden cars and the 50th anniversary of decimal currency. He also showed new Hong Kong definitive stamps for new postal rates featuring the geology of Hong Kong island and Hong Kong Year of the Dog stamps.
    Gloria showed Andorra stamps on cover from an E-bay purchase and the programme from Gem Aitken’s memorial service.
    Garry Enfield showed the Scotts Catalogue listing of 2016 world stamp issues - their number and cost.
    Jeff Stone showed the two types of the New Zealand 1996 Health stamp - from sheets and from self-adhesive rolls. He also showed uncatalogued German stamps (for Revenue etc) and free postcards.
    Paul Storm showed an envelope sent to him by Darren Jones which was illustrated with a drawing of Paul’s house.

    John Pearson showed Colonial Stamps of Tasmania.
    The first two Tasmanian stamps were locally-printed by the local newspaper company. They were for the 1d town rate and the 4d inland rate. Because Norfolk Island was administered at that time by Tasmania, these two stamps were valid there but are extremely rare with a Norfolk Island postmark.
    The second series were ‘Chalon Head’ portraits of Queen Victoria. The first printings were by Perkins, Bacon, then the plates were shipped to Tasmania and used locally by the newspaper company to print later supplies on unwatermarked paper. Finally, a government printing office was established and supplies were printed there.
    Apart from the major post offices in Hobart and Launceston, stamps were sold through local licensed stamp sellers - often local newsagents. As the stamps were issued imperforate, some of the local sellers perforated the stamps by whatever means were available - including using a sewing machine.

John Higgs
13 February 2018