The Manly Warringah Stamp Club


Minutes of the Meeting of 13th March 2018.

The President welcomed 15 members and 1 visitor to the meeting.


    Apologies were received from Graeme Morriss, Jeff Stone and Paul Kay.


    The deliberate mistake in the February minutes was found to be the wrong month at the endfor the signature. It should have read 13th March, not 13th February. The minutes as corrected were accepted on a motion from Terry Bluett and Rod Sell.

Matter Arising:

    Darren Jones suggested we should move the meetings to the North Manly Bowling Club so we are prepared when the lease expires in May 2019. It was suggested that the more important venue was for the Northside Stamp Fair each month. Darren would investigate possible venues for Northside which would charge less than $100 per month.


    The only correspondence was 2 copies of the latest APF News.


    The Treasurer reported an expenditure of:
        $25.50 for Tea & Coffee
        $24 for the printing of the 2018 Syllabus.

        $2427.01 in the Commonwealth Bank Cheque Account
        $ 606.99 in the St George savings account.
The report was accepted on a motion by John Au and Ed Wolf.

General Business:

    Ed Wolf gave a summary of the PHILAS Open Day in February. There were 5 Youth Displays as well as previews of displays entered for competition in the Canberra Exhibition in March.
    The last PHILAS Auction sold around $140,000 worth of material.

    There will be a 1 Frame Expo in Orange on the 17th & 18th November.

    John Pearson advised there would be a Half National Expo in Canberra this weekend, 17 & 18th March at the Hellenic club. The other half would be held in Newcastle on 25 - 27 May. There would be a full national Expo on 13th - 16th June 2019 at the Johnny Warren Centre in Hurstville..

Items of Interest:

    Rod Sell. A Hong Kong cover with latest issue showing 6 Festival Customs stamps & mini sheet.
    Paul Storm. Some recent On Tour acquisitions. A cover with US Tourist Sites, including Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home. A Dutch cover with lots of stamps. A Greek 1936 cover with the start of the Olympic Torch Relay. A NZ cover. A SS France cover from New York to France. A Down the Rhine ship mail cover.
    Gloria Bradley. A Post Card with airmail stamps. A letter from the USA cancelled with thick black texta.
Members’ display: 
Topic: The Letter G.

Garry Enfield.
Germany Third Reich Stamps 1933 to 1940.

Gloria Bradley. 
Animals starting with the letter G.

Brian Leckey. 
Gemstones, Guardians of the Night (Owls); Australian Gold Medallists in Beijing; Garden Plants.

Ed Wolf. 
Graf Zeppelin covers, including first flight to USA and to Finland.

Paul Storm.  
Germany, Post Cards 1872 to 1900.

Peter Lehmann. 
Triangles of Guatemala from 1929 and bisects on cover 1935 to 1950.
Terry Bluett.  Greeting stamps of Sweden 1992 to 1998, plus a Greta Garbo 2005 joint issue with the USA.

Judith Jarolimek.
Games A-W showing Archery to Wrestling.

John Pearson. 
Stamps from Joan Palmer collection, Marine Life from G Countries; Government Department Printers of South Australia 1869 to 1874.

Rod Sell. 
3 pages of stamps Victoria to George VI stamps for Gambia, Gibraltar, Gilbert & Ellis Islands & Gold Coast.

The meeting was closed and members partook of refreshments.

The main Encores room was reassembled for Bingo in the morning, and members departed around 9.45 pm.

John Higgs, 10 April 2018