The Manly Warringah Stamp Club

Minutes of the Meeting of 10th April 2018.

The President welcomed 14 members to the meeting.


    Apologies were received from Ed Wolf, Brian Leckie, Laurant Villoing, Antony Shen, Peter
Lehmann and Barry Reeve.


    The Minutes of the 13 March were received on the motion of John Pearson and Rod Sell. The
Secretary had mistakenly transposed the account balances between the two bank accounts - the St George account currently had the greater balance.


    The April edition of the PHILAS News was made available.


    The Treasurer reported receipt of $40.00 from the Northside Stamp Fair. Balances:
$ 606.99 in the Commonwealth Bank Cheque Account $2427.01 in the St George savings account.

General Business:

    Rod Sell called for congratulations to Darren Jones for his apointment to the House Committee of PHILAS.
    John Pearson reported that the Canberra Stamp Show held on 16 - 18 March had attracted
a large number of visitors, including a bus load of Wagga Wagga stamp club members. The show’s Grand Prix had been won by Frank Power for his collection of First Day Covers.
    Darren Jones reported that he was still looking at possible alternative meeting places for the club, even though it now seemed likely that the League’s Club would continue to occupy the current premises for another three years.

Items of Interest:

    Gloria Bradley showed the quarterly issue of Swiss stamps for March 2018 including the 75th
anniversary of the Mountain Rescue Service and 125 years of mountain trains.
    Judith Jarolimek showed Russian stamps featuring the stadium used for the World Cup of football.
    Rod Sell showed a new issue of stamps featuring Hong Kong by Night.
    John Higgs showed a German stamp dealer’s sales catalogue from 1910.
    John Au showed a brochure and a souvenir key ring from the Hong Kong Rolls Royce Museum. Jeff Stone showed free postcards he had collected from various outlets.

Members’ display: Topic: Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

    Jeff Stone showed stamps issued for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.
    Judith Jarolimek showed news clippings and stamps relating to Winter Olympics, particularly Vancouver 2010.
    Rod Sell showed Hong Kong stamps issued for the Olympics from Atlanta 1996 to Rio. He also showed some souvenir medals from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.
    Gloria Bradley showed Swiss Olympic stamps.
    Laurent Villoing (in absentia) showed Europa Olympic stamps.
         John Higgs, 8 May 2018